Normal IL Auto Repair: Winter Maintenance

As an auto repair shop in Normal IL, we know how easy it can be to loose tack of your vehicle’s maintenance. Though it’s recommended you take your car to a reliable facility every 3 months for preventive maintenance, there’s plenty you can do in the meantime to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape. Here’s a list of small maintenance items you can do every morning before you head to work or school:

Monday Morning: Tire Pressure

Proper tire pressure will allow your tires to better grip the road AND you’ll get better gas mileage! Check your owner’s manual for what your pressure should be and buy a tire pressure gauge (they’ll cost you around $3-$4). Before taking off, check all 4 tires to ensure they have correct pressure. If any of them are low, all it takes is a quick stop at a gas station air pump to fill up your tires.

Tuesday Morning: Wiper Blades

Perform a quick visual inspection of your blades by pulling the arm away and looking at the condition of the material. If there are dings or dents in the material, it would be very much worth it to stop at a local auto repair shop in Normal IL to get a new pair. They’re inexpensive, and your morning commute will be that much clearer!

Wednesday Morning: Check your Oil

If your engine oil is low, it will quickly translate into irreversible damage that could cost you thousands! With a towel of some sort handy, look for the dipstick marked “OIL” under your hood and pull it out. It will tell you at what level your oil is at and what is too much/too little. If you’re low, stop by an auto repair shop right away—every mile means more damage to your vehicle!

Thursday Morning: Check Headlights, Taillights

Before leaving on Thursday morning, turn the key in your car so the lights turn on but your engine doesn’t. Stroll around your car and look for headlights that have gone out, urn on your blinkers and make sure those are in working condition as well. Remember that driving with lights out isn’t just dangerous—it’s illegal, too!

Friday: Take Out the Trash

A buildup of trash can appear out of nowhere, and all it holds are germs and gross smells. Friday morning, take a trash bag out and take 5 minutes. A clean car not only looks better—it feels better, too!

Should you have other issues or concerns with your vehicle, don’t hesitate to stop by or call!

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