Normal IL Auto Shop: When to Trade in Your Car

Studies have shown that Americans spend an average of 540 hours in their cars per year! When we spend this much time in our vehicles, we become attached to them—and this could make it easy to look past issues that are constantly hindering your vehicle, and ultimately hurting your wallet. Here are a few signs indicating that it might be time to trade in your car for a better, more economical car:

Repairs are Piling Up

If you don’t know already, find out what your vehicle’s current value is. If your car’s repairs are costing you more than it’s worth, then it might be time to think about trading it in. If you’re going through a classic “my mechanic knows my credit card number by heart” phase, then it’s not a good sign. Constant repairs are a sign of a car simply breaking down, and there’s not much you can do about it. Ask a technician at an Auto Shop in Normal, IL for help deciding if it’s at this point!

Despite Repairs, Car is Unreliable

If you’re at the point where even after you leave the shop your car STILL has troubles, it might not be the fault of the mechanic or the shop—it might just be time for the car to go. Every vehicle has a breaking point, and there’s not much to do when it reaches it. Consult an Auto Repair shop in the Normal IL area for a second opinion if you think your vehicle has reached its breaking point.


If there’s rust in your vehicle, then it’s only a matter of time before it reaches the far corners of the frame, compromising its structural integrity AND your safety! Rust won’t go away in your vehicle—in fact, it will spread very quickly. Should you find rust in your vehicle, a Car Repair shop near Bloomington IL will help you figure out what you plan of action should be.

Fuel Costs

There’s a good chance you’ve had your vehicle for quite some time. That being said, fuel costs might have been much cheaper when you first bought it, making fuel economy a non-factor when choosing a vehicle. Not only is gas through the roof now, but your fuel economy doesn’t get any better as it gets older!

Change can be difficult. However, if you’re looking to save money, then trading in your old ride for an updated model is the best thing to do. Stop by a Car Repair shop near Bloomington IL like Team Automotive for a second opinion today or call (309) 454-5454.

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